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Section 8  Housing Program

To receive a Section 8 Voucher, you must enter our lottery. The opening dates will be available on our website and information hotline, 720-564-4627.

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The Section 8 Housing Program is a federally-funded program designed to assist low-income families with their housing needs. Program participants pay approximately 30%-40% of their adjusted income toward rent paid directly to their landlord. Boulder Housing Partners (BHP) pays the balance directly to the landlord. Boulder Housing Partners gives preference to applicants who live and/or work within the city limits of Boulder and are elderly individuals (62 +), people  with disabilities or families with children. If an applicant does not have the preference, their chance of having their lottery number drawn is very slim

The lottery system is used for applicants to become participants of the program. Notice of opening dates of the lottery are posted on the website as soon as they are deteremined.Those applicants who are selected will be placed in the lottery pool. The list of numbers that have been placed in the pool will be posted to our website, in our main office. As vouchers become available throughout the year, applicants in the pool will be notified by mail with an invitation letter to begin the process of determining eligibility.

Type of Housing Available: Vouchers are provided for assistance in private market apartments. Voucher holders find their own apartment.

Income limits: Applicants' yearly maximum gross income must be below the following amounts (50% AMI).

Maximum qualifying income limites

Please note: You may not qualify for the federally subsidized programs if you fall into one of these categories:

• Your household does not currently live or work within the city limits of Boulder (For example, Longmont and Lafayette are in Boulder County so you would not qualify to receive the local preference for housing with us).
• Your household has been evicted from federally subsidized housing within the past five (5) years. You or a member of your household has been arrested or convicted of a crime within the past five (5) years that involves drugs, violence, or disrupting the peaceful enjoyment of others.
• You or a member of your household are required to register on the Sex Offender's List.
• Your household exceeds the maximum income limits dependent on program and family size.
• You are a single-person household who is not elderly (at least age 62) or a person with disabilities

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