Resident Services

Live, Learn and Earn

Partnerships with local agencies, grant funded programs and services provided by Resident Services staff provide outreach, support and important links to needed services that enable our low income families to become financially self-sufficient and our elderly and people with disabilities to live independently and to age in place.

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Resident Services Coordination

The primary role of the senior site Resident Service Coordinators is to connect residents with the services and support necessary to enable them to remain living independently and safely in housing. The Resident Service Coordinators maintain office hours onsite at our three senior and disabled designated buildings, Walnut Place, Northport, and Canyon Pointe. The Service Coordinators are available to assist individual residents in connecting to resources and services from the community.

The senior sites Resident Service Coordinators are also available on a referral basis for BHP residents residing at other sites.

The family site Resident Service Coordinators provides support to families to help them raise their families in healthy and safe environments.  Through assessment and resource linkages, the Service Coordinators helps the families to be successful in providing for their families and in becoming greater contributors to their community. Examples include:

  • Referrals for parents to early childhood educational programs
  • Providing assistance in identifying and accessing resources to support educational and employment goals
  • Crisis management to prevent loss of housing
  • Coordinating afterschool and life skill programming for youth and adults

Service Coordinators also identify needs and coordinate training and life skills development programs to enrich the residents in all aspects of their lives.

Community Building and Leadership Development

BHP Resident Services staff is committed to empowering residents to build strong communities and to find creative solutions to community problems and issues.  The recognition, development and support of resident leadership helps to build strong dynamic communities. Resident Services staff support the residents in forming on-site resident councils at both the senior and the family sites. These site councils provide leadership opportunities for those residents wanting to both develop their leadership skills and have an impact on the communities in which they live.

The designated elder/disabled buildings, Walnut Place, Northport and Canyon Pointe are unique in that they provide common areas and Community Rooms and Kitchens for programs and events.

Community Meetings are facilitated on a regular or as needed basis to assist residents in exploring community issues and creative solutions.

Resident-Run Activities include:

  • RRC (Resident Representative Council) - This council has representation from many sites.
  • Local Site councils formed by the residents of specific sites to address their specific community needs.
  • Garden Committees provide a way for residents to get to know one another, raise healthy vegetables and contribute to the beauty of their environments.  
  • The Walnut Place Computer Club allows residents without computers access to the internet.
  • The Learn to Earn Program at Kalmia teaches residents basic computer and budgeting skills and allows graduates to earn a computer for their homes.
  • Resident Breakfast Program - Sponsored by the residents to provide a social connection to one another.
  • The Kalmia sewing group, taught by a volunteer instructor.
  • The Madison Mothers' children's activity program
  • The Kalmia Youth Soccer Field project, composed of a group of youth under the age of 12, advocating for a soccer field on their site.
  • Community Potlucks
  • Holiday Parties

Community Programs

Many diverse programs are provided on-site through partnerships with other agencies, faith groups and community volunteers.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Grant Funded/ Service Rich Programming

BHP recently received a three year ROSS Service Coordinator grant, to begin in 2012. This grant will provide the salary for a Service Coordinator to serve both the seniors and the families living in public housing.

Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency

A HUD funded program, the Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) provides outreach and case management support to public housing families who want to become financially self-sufficient.  A case manager helps participants identify educational and career goals and then helps them craft a plan to reach those goals. With the help of community resources the FSS participants increase their earned income and advance their education and career goals. The case manager also helps the families connect with other community resources for unmet needs. This program is provided through partnerships with many community agencies, including Boulder County Housing Authority, Workforce Boulder County, Front Range Community College, Family Resource Center and many others.

Resident Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (ROSS)

Another HUD funded program, the ROSS Service Coordinator Program, provides outreach and service coordination support to families, seniors and people with disabilities who are living in public housing. This grant funds the services coordinators whose activities are listed above. The goal is to support families in becoming self-sufficient by connecting them with needed employment and basic-need resources. The goal with our seniors is to support them in living healthy and vibrant lives, while preparing themselves tp age safely in place. The service coordinators work closely with other agencies to provide relevant programming and to connect them with necessary resources to achieve the goals of the program.

Community Partners for Service-rich Programming

We are very grateful to the following agencies and non-profits which partner with Boulder Housing Partners to provide support services to our residents: